Towards smarter and greener decommissioning

Project and financing models for decommissioning are moving up oil and gas operators’ agenda worldwide as ‘lower for longer’ oil prices raise questions about how long ageing assets can operate viably beyond their design lives.

O&G operators increase number of evacuated platforms

Offshore oil and gas operators have once again increased the number of evacuated platforms in the U.S. Gulf of ...

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Paragon mulls options for removal of grounded drillship

Offshore driller Paragon Offshore is evaluating options for removal of its drillship, the Paragon DPDS1, which ...

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Hurricane Harvey: Some operators resume GoM oil output

U.S. offshore oil and gas operators have, as of Monday, evacuated 98 production platforms and five drilling rigs in ...

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Hurricane Harvey grounds drillship in Port of Corpus Christi

Paragon Offshore’s drillship has grounded in the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey ripped ...

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More offshore platforms evacuated due to hurricane

Offshore oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico have evacuated 105 offshore platforms in response to tropical ...

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Hurricane Harvey prompts oil firms to evacuate 86 platforms

Hurricane Harvey, seen as one of the strongest hurricanes in the U.S. in the last twelve years, has forced offshore ...

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