Oil worker who claimed seeing MH370 plane in flames fired

Mike Mckay, an oil worker who claimed he saw the Malaysian MH370 flight go down in March this year, received a contract termination as a consequence.

McKay, from New Zealand, was working on the Songa Offshore-owned rig, offshore Vietnam, at the time of the airplane’s disappearance when he sent e-mail to the Malaysian authorities, claiming he had seen the plane burning in the sky some 70 kilometers from the Songa Mercur rig.

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The leaked e-mail soon attracted huge media attention and so many calls and inquiries that, according to McKay, communication systems of Songa Offshore, the owner of the rig, and Idemitsu, the rig operator, got blocked.

“This became intolerable for them and I was removed from the rig and not invited back,” he told the Sunday Star Times .


Offshore Energy Today Staff, June 09, 2014



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14 thoughts on “Oil worker who claimed seeing MH370 plane in flames fired”

  1. Mike McKay’s account was the most plausible of all the early claims. MH370 was last seen on radar flying at 35,000ft. Naked flames can’t exist outside the aircraft at FL350 therefore by inference what he witnessed was the flaring of a cabin fire exiting the fuselage through a melt hole until pressure equalised with outside. Once the cabin had decompressed the flames would have self extinguished permitting the aircraft to continue flying for several more hours.

    This is a fact which a hoaxer would miss, which is why I believe in the inherent honesty of Mike McKay’s sighting. If he was just making this up he would not have added this fact.

    One aspect almost nobody is aware about the loss of MH370 is that long after the supposed final transponder signal at 1:19am there was another transponder signal detected from MH370 at 1:50am east of Malaysia (06.9298N, 103.5901E) ie, not in the Straits of Malacca (source Flightaware). This implies MH370 flew much further north towards Vietnam than previously acknowledged.

    ACARS, VHF radio and transponders on MH370 were all controlled through the Rockwell Collins CMU-900 in an avionics bay underneath the cockpit. ACARS signals before take off all reveal a doppler shift in those signals which suggested MH370 was moving at 80-90 knots when still parked at the gate. Only severe overheating to the AFC oscillator could reproduce this effect, therefore there is a strong possibility MH370 was lost to an electrical fire at 35,000ft. That is why I find Mike McKay totally believable.

  2. I agree.. His account of what he and one other witness saw was plausible enough to me to for me to formulate the foundation of my “fire theory”…

  3. Hello Mr Gunson. Try again as a “melt hole” would cause an explosive decompression – i.e. Wreckage everywhere in the intended flight path. I am referring to Aircraft accident investigation literature and metallurgy. A good basic start would be Aircraft Accident Investigation – R wood and W Sweggins. This is where it all began for me many moons ago. The last reported position as you quote for MH370 is 06.9298N, 103.5901E. The oil rig is 8.37, 180706. Correct me if I am wrong about 317 NM away. Quite a distance to see at flight level 35.
    I am not here to debate the fire/electrical theory nor the satellite imagery wreckage spotted theory but don’t accept the fuselage compromise nor seeing 317 NM at 35,000.

  4. I remember another case of a plane “melting” during flight.. I think it was in Africa? They were finding bits of that plane all over the place.. Including bodies that fell from the plane as it disintegrated… But they don’t ALWAYS disintegrate during flight.. But there was another case a cargo fire killed everyone and the plane crashed intact.. So I would be wary to see there was a burn through…

  5. Precisely… Mike McKay’s sighting confirms that MH370 flew further towards Vietnam than acknowledged and turned back near Ca Mau peninsula.

    Fishermen at Marang beach Malaysia reported a loud explosion out to sea in the direction of Vietnam at 17:45am and seismic seabed sensors detected an explosion about the same time.

    Images of Egyptair Flight 667 in 2011 reveal how small a melt hole would be caused and how little and unobtrusive such damage would be

  6. Howdy – there’s a whole list of accidents due to fire that have taken out the flight in mid are and from memory two on the ground, maybe more?. The only one that I can recall from my spongy grey thingy that went down in one piece was ValuJet on take-off over the everglades. From memory oxygen canisters burnt through cables/electrical systems under the pilot floor.
    Bit pressed for time at the mo but see if you can find the one you are thinking of. I had a quick look and there was a whole list of aircraft crashes due to fire.
    Cheers M

  7. Yes all interesting people seeing things including the lady on the yacht etc. Yes Egypt Air impressive ground fire quite a mess, would have taken out the flight big time if in the air. Cockpits a real mess. I am an honest person with integrity so if the flight ended there I am fully willing to admit I am wrong.

  8. This is the case I was thinking about… From wiki.. “South African Airways Flight 295, a 747-200BSCD “Combi” en route from Taipei to Johannesburg on November 28, 1987, crashed into the ocean off Mauritius after a fire in the rear cargo hold during the flight resulted in loss of control. All 159 people on board died…” I think there was an “Air Disaster” show on it too…

  9. Hi – yep had a look inconclusive cargo hold fire couldn’t conclusively say either of: crew incapacitation, weakened aircraft structure, burn through control cables, deformation of aircraft structure but knew where it went down and wreckage relatively close to land compared to MH370 being a real pig of a job. Couldn’t see any report info on 295 of any whiteness to the event. Might watch the TV crash program and see if there is anything there. Cheers M

  10. There is a new documentary on Amazon about reopening the flight 800 investigation that is also worth watching…they are finally getting the story right…

  11. Hi – Just logged in for an hour. let me know what it is as there one from my files called – Silenced TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice (2001). Of course I have an opinion on it (LOL) that it was clearly a missile. As soon as the FBI take over an Aircraft accident investigation the NTSB report will be what the FBI say.

  12. Hi not sure if my last post worked – I have on file a video – Silenced TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice. Let me know if its a new one and if there is a youtube link. Cheers M

  13. the new one came out in 2013 (I did not know about it until last night :S ) called simply ” TWA Flight 800″. It’s on amazon prime. You’ve got to watch it…they want to reopen the accident investigation…as well they should…

  14. Hi
    Just watched it and read the full NTSB report. It has extensive pages of electrical systems, wiring etc. They “estimate” the temperature in the fuel tank was about up to110F (Conveniently flash point 100F). Their calculations are on ambient air pressure at the altitude of the accident. The negate to include that at the reported density altitude 30.07 at 15,000 ft. is approximately -81F (-15C). At approximately 300 MP/H climb WCF means an underside surface temperature of approximately -29F.
    Just over 30 minutes flight time plenty of time to cool down to standard air conditioning altitude operating temperatures of the 747-100 which equates to lowering their estimated ignition temperature. Their later simulated tests heating the fuel tank to the time sitting on the tarmac and increasing spark voltage are invalid. Even the NTSB could not find any faulty wiring from the wreckage.
    So much more but FBI BS. Simply a stray missile. They will never be an admission. Historically FBI and President/Government never back down and if they did lawsuits would go ballistic. As the guy said “airplanes just don’t explode by themselves”

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