Shell adds more optional wells to WilPhoenix rig contract

Awilco Drilling has signed a contract amendment for WilPhoenix semi-submersible drilling rig with Shell, allowing for more extension options.

WilPhoenix rig / Image source: MaxPixel - Shared Under CC0 license
WilPhoenix rig / Image source: MaxPixel – Shared Under CC0 license

The original contract was signed back in May, for a decommissioning program of 18 firm wells plus options totaling a further eight wells. This was later extended for one well.

The London-listed driller on Thursday evening said that the new amendment signed with Shell granted three additional options for Shell to extend the original contract with WilPhoenix.

Each option covers the drilling of a single exploration well within or at the end of the current decommissioning program. The options are to be declared by August 31, 2019.

WilPhoenix is one of Awilco Drilling’s two Enhanced Pacesetter semi-submersibles and is equipped for drilling in water depths up to 1,200 ft. The other rig, the WilHunter has been cold stacked in Invergordon for a while now with no near-term employment prospects.

Worth noting, Awilco Drilling has recently ordered a newbuild rig – first such order in four years in the market. The rig is of Moss CS60 ECO MW design equipped for drilling in harsh environments. The driller has options for additional three rigs of the same design.

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