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DW predicts bright future for AUVs in o&g industry

Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) still have, despite widespread use, the potential for substantial growth with ...

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DW: Output freeze unlikely to stick

Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to freeze production at January levels on February 16 in the first coordinated ...

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DW Monday: Offshore storage for excess barrels

Brent oil price reached lows of $27/bbl in mid-January, but has recovered over the past two weeks to above the ...

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Offshore Prospects for 2016: Playing the Waiting Game?

drillship, transocean

This year, the offshore oil and gas industry has had to come to terms with the worst downturn for more than a ...

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DW: Supermajors' earnings to be 'weakest in recent memory'

Despite major cost reduction measures, Q1 2015 earnings for supermajors are expected to be the weakest in recent ...

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DW: Wi-Fi, good food on flotels boost worker efficiency

The global offshore accommodation market has seen significant growth over the past five years, with PoB ...

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DW: There is hope for Arctic oil

According to the United States Geological Survey, the area above the Arctic Circle holds approximately 90 billion ...

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Douglas Westwood: Petrobras will miss 2020 production target

Petrobras has a track record of remarkable technological achievements, including most recently exceeding 470,000b/d ...

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Douglas Westwood: North Sea – Hope for Declining Production?

Western Europe will continue to rely on imported Russian gas into the 2020s as mature offshore provinces struggle ...

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