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World's largest semi-sub rig arrives in Scotland

After a five-month journey from Singapore via the Canary Islands, Diamond Offshore’s semi-submersible drilling rig ...

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Kishorn to prepare world's largest semi-sub for new gig

Ocean GreatWhite

Scotland's Kishorn Port has landed a contract under which it will host a visit by world's largest semi-submersible ...

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BP puts Diamond's rig on standby rate

Houston-based drilling contractor Diamond Offshore has informed that its new drilling rig the Ocean GreatWhite is ...

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NOPSEMA needs more time to assess BP's drilling plan

Australia NOPSEMA needs more time to assess BP's drilling plan

Australian oil and gas safety body National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority ...

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Calls against BP's Australian drilling over faulty bolts

Australian Green Party and the environmental organization Greenpeace have called for the national regulators to ...

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World’s largest semi-sub rig classed by DNV GL

DNV GL has welcomed the world’s largest semi-submersible drilling rig into class recently. Ocean Greatwhite is 123 ...

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