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BP evacuates workers from 'Thunder Horse'

BP evacuates workers from Thunder Horse platform amid power outage

British oil giant BP has reportedly evacuated workers from its Thunder Horse platform in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, ...

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BP evacuates GoM platform ahead of Irma

Oil major BP has evacuated its Thunder Horse offshore platform and the West Vela drillship located in the U.S. Gulf ...

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In disaster's wake, BP doubles down on deepwater

By Jessica Resnick-Ault (Reuters) – About 300 BP workers commute 150 miles here by helicopter, from the ...

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VIDEO: BP brings online Thunder Horse expansion project

UK oil giant BP has launched a video of its Thunder Horse South Expansion project, located in the U.S. Gulf of ...

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BP fires up Thunder Horse expansion project

Oil giant BP has started up the Thunder Horse South Expansion project in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, 11 months ...

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BP to boost Thunder Horse recovery

Oil giant BP has started up a water injection project at its Thunder Horse platform, extending the production life ...

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BP hires Technip for Thunder Horse project

Technip has been awarded by BP Exploration & Production Inc. a lump sum project for the design, engineering, ...

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